Address by Hon'ble Vice Minister from Iran

Statement By H.E. Khajedalui

Deputy Minister of Housing & Urban Development

I.R. of Iran


2nd Meeting of the Bureau Of APCHUD

27 – 28 Oct. 2007

Jordan – Amman

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Madam Chair, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, it is my pleasure to visit the Jordan and the beautiful city of Amman as well, and I would like to express my thanks for your warm hospitality.

Today, its our pleasure with opening APCHUD web site which is coincident with the second meeting of the bureau, we get one more step closer to conference goals and Delhi Declaration.

Definitely, launching of this web site would lead to more and closer connections between the member countries and play significant role in exchange of experiences on addressing urbanization challenges, slums , supplying housing for low-income groups, and best practices in urban sector.

Considering social conditions and other factors, Iran has developed and implemented various plans in urban and housing supply sector especially in supplying housing for low-income groups and rural housing, some of them being under implementation.

Therefore, countries in Asia- pacific region, within the framework of this conference, enjoying each others' useful experiences in this sector would promote urbanization and housing supply in the region.

As you all are well aware, in the course of Delhi conference, member countries agreed Iran to host the second Asia Pacific Conference on Housing & Urban Development in 2008. In this line, a head quarter has been formed with participation of relevant organs making arrangements for Tehran conference. It is scheduled Tehran conference to be held in second half of May 2008. So that its achievements can be presented in Nainjing Urban Forum in 2008. So, in order to hold second conference as successful as possible and transfer of experiences, I would like to request APCHUD conference secretariat in Delhi as well as UN- Habitat in Nairobi to assist and cooperate with Tehran conference secretariat.

In conclusion, once more I would like to extend my sincere thanks to secretariat of conference for organizing second bureau meeting as well as the host of the meeting.

Thank you